It doesn’t look anything like what you think it looks like.

That picture above is my wife, my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter. It was taken about 25 years ago.

I met her one evening because I accepted an invitation to have a beer with my best friend and his girlfriend. The women had been roommates in college and my friend’s girlfriend thought we might just hit it off.

The moment I walked into the room, I just KNEW. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. Most of my friends thought I was gay because I didn’t date and as…

May well take you years to accept

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I had a girlfriend I was madly in love with years ago. Actually there were three. Each one came at a different stage of my life. The first left me. And broke my young heart. As first loves are wont to do, it took me some time but I moved on. And met the woman I would marry about three years later.

Decades later, after a long and brutal illness, she died. And left me with a shattered heart and broken dreams. In some ways I still struggle with that loss. But I’ve…

You ain’t gonna like this

We sat in front of the doctor as he gave us the news. “You don’t need any more tests, you have ALS. I’m very sorry.” he said as he rose from his stool. “I’ll leave you now. If you have any questions, please contact my office.”

We’d been through half a dozen doctors. Visited three separate neurologists. And after over a year of searching we now had an answer as to why wife’s right hand was becoming a useless appendage. It wasn’t good news.

Do you want a successful life?

Have you planned for EVERY conceivable contingency? Because if you’ve missed…

This is gonna be a short post……

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I was washing the breakfast dishes today and it occurred to me that all we have to give to one another are our experiences. We clothe them in so many costumes. Sometimes to hide our insecurities. Other times to monetize them. Occasionally we wrap them up in pretty little packages, send them out to the world and hope someone can use them to find a way to through the pain of their own existence. It’s that last one that led me to writing and exposing my own pain and suffering.

Don’t get me…

It’s nothing close to a liberal conspiracy.

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It’s actually inherited wealth. For decades those of us in America have been told we live and work in a meritocracy. That what we achieve is determined solely by how hard we’re willing to work for it. It’s bullshit. And always has been. A true meritocracy wouldn’t allow any wealth to be transferred to the next familial generation. The way to create a fair and equitable meritocracy would be to give every person all they needed to survive. And no more.

Wealthy people will argue that they’ve worked hard for what they have…

I believe you (and Yael Wolf). But it just seems to me that I've never met your kind of woman on a dating app. Everyone I met seemed to be looking for a long term, committed relationship and expected that to be in something approaching what is considered traditional. Even when they talked like they wanted a non-traditional relationship, eventually it appeared that they couldn't quite imagine how that could work and things eventually got rather uncomfortable.

Then again, I never NEEDED a woman either. To cook, or clean or even raise the kids (I did all that myself both…

To grant you this opportunity to relax.

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Reflections bring insight. At the end of a singularly significant year, we should all be gazing into the depths with a particularly inward focus. What exactly have we learned from what has transpired? How have the past nine months transformed what we thought was the truth? Is it really the truth? Or has everything changed?

I’m a hermit. That’s my essential nature. Maybe being born in the sign of the crab isn’t as strange as I’d always thought it seemed to be. This past year has revealed, more than anything, that I need…

A way out of the darkness

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My most disastrous intimate relationship was with a woman who had been diagnosed with depression. When she was feeling particularly down, she would text me; “Tell me a story”, or even say it out loud if we happened to be physically together at the time. I was always at a loss for the words and never really understood her request. Until this morning.

I’ve been slogging through the last quarter of 2020 as a turtle might crawl across a mud flat. Most days I float along a little and can make some forward motion…

And other enlightenment from an historic election

Photo by Anneliese Phillips on Unsplash

I’m very nearly jumping up and down that a woman finally made it onto a winning ticket in the US presidential election. It took way too long. We’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot for centuries by excluding half the population. And that’s when we only count white people. When we expand our blinders, we see we’ve lopped off another third. And when the the math is mostly complete, we’ve excluded over two thirds of our population from most of the important decision making that takes place on the national stage. It’s been…

Dick Millet

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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