on the way into life today

I’ve been riding my motorcycle a lot lately. To the tune of almost a thousand miles this year. Mostly in just the last couple of weeks. I’ve started feeling comfortable on it again. In a way I haven’t really felt in longer than I can remember.

As I was riding home from work this afternoon it occurred to me that the reason I feel this way goes right back to that “nobody needs me anymore” feeling. I know a lot of people need to be needed. I am NOT one of them. I feel the weight of responsibility heavy on my shoulders. Those last several years of raising kids alone gave me all the responsibility I ever want to bear. I’m good with the thought of just sitting on the floor and coloring with my grandchildren.

Anyway, I’m cruising along at 58 miles an hour and I catch a glimpse of something big and green coming right for my face. Now, I’ve been wearing my little half helmet lately with just a pair of sunglasses instead of the full face lid. This big, green grasshopper nails me squarely on the right cheek, directly beneath the glasses. And it stings! ’Cause you know, grasshopper, bare skin, 58 miles an hour. I can feel the gore sliding across my cheek heading for my ear.

I pull the bike over and get off as I wipe insect guts off my face and out from under the frame of my glasses. As I get all cleaned up and ready to start riding again I get this flash of insight. My mind somehow decides that reliving this episode from the point of view of the grasshopper might be a cool thing to contemplate. So yea, I go there. And I can see it, as if I’m looking out of the eyes of a big green locust. I come to the sudden realization that getting hit in the face by a grasshopper at 58 miles an hour beats the hell out of being a grasshopper.

And that my friends, is what you call perspective.

Sure hope that grasshopper had his life insurance paid up.

Thanks for reading.

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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