America doesn't need Trump to be white supremacists. That's been true for over 400 years. It's not gonna change anytime soon.

I apologize for assuming anything about you.

I am a white man. One whose seen the conservative right twist the politics of this country into a place where "government can't do anything right". That's a libertarian lie that a whole lot of America has bought into. Sure has benefited the wealthy string pullers though. I'm sure they appreciate you.

American government was a major force in winning WWII. And rebuilding Europe. Putting a man on the moon. And creating a nationwide interstate highway system. And bringing civil rights to people like you.

I'm sorry but nobody stands on their own. Ever drive a car? Use a computer? Go to school? Government has helped to make a reasonably safe world where all those things are possible. Often financing a large part of the cost of it as well.

The conservatives have been trying to tear all that down for the last fifty years. Government has grown incompetent under their leadership. Trump is the worst of a long line of this sort of incompetence.

You may not think you're oppressed but you're just as deluded as all the others of your ilk. You lost your whole argument when you held up the civil rights bill as an example of why racism is illegal. It's a huge example of what government once got right. And in your worldview, it would never have been passed to begin with.

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