Guilty. I am that confident guy. And when I stumble on that woman who has it all together and knows exactly what she’s looking for in a relationship I realize I don’t have any idea of what I really I want. I have met and dated a couple of women like this (and a couple of the other kind too). What I haven’t met yet is one who I’ve fallen head over heels in love with and can’t live without.

I was married to that kind of complete woman. And it was a great relationship, in every way. But the kids are grown. I’m mostly not lonely (not in a let’s become one kind of way, anyway). Invariably, they want more of me than I want to give up now. So maybe I need to grow some more. Or maybe, I really don’t want an actual relationship at all. But I don’t want to break any more hearts either.

I’m at a point now where I think the woman I can’t live without will appear just about the time I realize I’m ready for her. Until then, I don’t even need to date. I’ll just keep meeting people, chatting them up, and trying to make sure I’m a guy who’s seen as someone worth spending time with. She’ll show up, right on time. And if she’s anything like my wife she won’t be in the least bit impressed by me. That’s how I’ll know for sure. :)

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