And so are you

There are very few masters with the skill of Michelangelo. But everyone wields a chisel and a mallet. From the very moment we’re born, others are shaping and carving us. And we are doing the same to them. Changing who they are and who we are with every word, action, and thought. And those we lose? Yeah, we lose who they knew us as too. Another piece knocked off with each loss. And a reshaping of what’s left.

We’re products of our environment and the histories of the people in our lives. Those who love us. Those who hate us. Even those who barely notice us. No one is self-made. It’s impossible to even contemplate. Maybe your parents pushed you hard in some direction in life. Or just gently nudged you. Possibly, they didn’t show any care at all and let you do whatever you wanted to do. But even that direction was informed by who they were and what they saw in the world around them. You can’t be something or someone you can’t even imagine.

We’re bombarded from all directions by pressures. Some gentle and subtle, some powerful and impossible to ignore. All have the potential to change us, to mold us, for good or not so good. How we react to these pressures is more than just a choice. It’s deeply informed by how we were raised, by the values and morals we carry and the examples we witnessed in our formative years.

At our best we reject others assignments of us and create our own world. Mostly to refuse that which would be thrust upon us only to realize someone else’s dream. Still, they take the pieces of us they’ve carved when they leave and leave us as unfinished masterpieces. And we’re left to find a new way of being in this world without them. The ones we’ve loved leave scars over empty spaces and the ones who’ve hurt us leave scars over broken parts.

No one comes into our lives and leaves us untouched.

Thank you for reading.

Written by

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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