I slept alone for most of 2018 myself. I’m thinking the pain caused by those nights I didn’t sleep alone wasn’t worth it at all. It’s got me rethinking the whole idea of relationships, dating and sex. As in, am I really interested in a relationship at all? Is dating the only way to get a good one of those? And finally, assuming I am interested in a relationship, might it be better to wait (like a significant amount of time, maybe even months) until it’s something real before jumping into bed?

For me:

The jury’s out on number 1.

The answer to number 2 is a pretty clear no, although I’m not sure of the alternative. But I think I have a lead in on this one….

And for number 3, yeah, I think I want to be in a place where there’s no pressure for sex. The next time I go there it’s gonna be to make love (so I’m sure it’s gonna be awhile).

The biggest challenge I see in all this is that the more comfortable I get being alone, the less I may be interested in sharing my life with someone else. But maybe that’s a moot point when the right person appears.

Written by

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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