I’d like to follow up on Bonnie’s response (and thank you Bonnie for the mention). This is a fairly new “Medium”, no pun intended. Building the audience is going to be a challenge. There’s really never been anything quite like it in the history of human endeavor. That said, I know at least three or four people who have joined Medium specifically to read the words I write. Even my therapist joined on my recommendation.

As a sole source of income it will probably never meet many people’s needs. But it serves a greater purpose. For me, it’s a fantastic method of therapy. I’m not a writer. I may be eloquent and fairly gifted as a writer but I probably wouldn’t do it without an audience. I have a lot to say but if nobody was there to read it, I probably wouldn’t bother writing it out. Maybe that’s narcissistic of me. I’m not an licensed mental health professional so I’ll reserve judgement. Regardless, I get more than I give when I write so I’ll keep doing it.

Now for the practical aspect. I read a whole lot before I joined Medium. And even after I joined, I read much more than I wrote. And I commented on a lot of what I read. Once I started writing a lot, I read less. And commented less. And my stats eventually reflected that lesser engagement. I’ve been very busy at work lately so I haven’t read or written much. My stats haven’t changed much either. I think engagement is crucial. Read more than you write. Comment on what you read. Keep active in the community. Most importantly, stretch your own boundaries. Reading and writing in just your own field of influence isn’t going to grow your audience beyond a certain point. Push outward to build a bigger audience. You can become an expert in other fields. Spend the time necessary to learn and pass that knowledge on to others. Your audience will grow and you’ll reap bigger rewards, both financially and in your own personal growth.

My two cents anyway. Treat it as the best job you’ve ever had and I’m willing to bet that it will become just that. Nothing worthwhile is easy.

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father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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