It may not mean that wealth is ALWAYS taken away from other people. But, when that self-same billionaire is cutting his workforce and not giving reasonable wage increases to his employees, he most definitely IS taking wealth away from other people. This is where we are, and have been, for the last 40 years. Real wages haven’t increased since the 1970s. Productivity has risen at 6 times the rate of wages since 1979.

Productivity 1979–2018 +69.6%

Hourly pay 1979–2018 +11.6%

Productivity has grown 6.0x more than pay since 1979.

True, the creation of wealth isn’t zero sum nor straightforward. There are a lot of reasons why the situation is what it is. Greed is very much one of those reasons.

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father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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