You probably already know what it feels like.

I’m not much of a student of religious teaching. But what I know of buddhism resonates with me at a molecular level.

We’ve allowed a world of scarcity to be foisted upon us. The truth is, there’s plenty of everything we need here. If we would just set aside our egos and allow the “angels of our better nature” to guide us.

Do you really NEED that BMW? Explain why. I don’t think you can. Not in any way that makes sense. Not only to me, but to yourself. You’ve been sold the idea that it makes you special to have that particular make of car. Same goes for the iPhone or the house in the “good” part of town. Does it really make you special? Or does it just make you feel like you “could do better” if only….?

It’s worth taking the time to ponder on what you would do if you found out that you only had 24 hours to live. Would you care about the car, or the house? Or would you call up your kids, tell them you love them and give them what knowledge you’ve acquired that might make their lives easier?

Do it now. Make sure everyone you know understands how much they mean to you. Clean up the loose ends. Go to bed tonight with a worry free mind. And endeavor to make all the rest of your nights end in the same state. You can only count on having NOW. If you make now complete, you won’t have regrets when your last day on earth really does arrive.

I sent the following to a widowed friend of mine this morning:

Part of the gift of losing a soul mate is the tearing apart of the fabric of everyday life. I think that’s why we’ve moved so much, why I’ve sought solace in other women’s arms and why you’ve created your “families”. Our worlds have been destroyed. But in that we are offered the chance to see opportunity where we might not have seen it before. I write now. And you will find a place to put your soul as well. Treat yourself gently. The path is opening before you. Don’t try to direct it or to fight it, just accept and things will be as they should.

I don’t know where those words came from, but I’m absolutely convinced of their veracity. See, the peace we seek is already within us. If only we can push aside our egos and allow it to be expressed.

Treat yourself gently. You are the only one that will. And you need someone on your side. It’s a great big world and the only other entity that you can count on having your back is the universe itself.

See how that works? Stop beating yourself up. All of creation is trying to help you. You just have to let go and give it a chance. And tie up those loose ends. You’ll sleep better for it.

Thanks for reading.

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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