Right person, right time

Thoughts on manifesting the future

I was reading Kris Gage’s There Is No “Right Person, Wrong Time” piece a couple of weeks ago. I found myself thinking, but, but, but, YES THERE IS! It’s happened to me!

Then I stopped and thought about it. And I realized, she was exactly the right person at exactly the right time. But that time was going to be limited, no matter when we wound up together. We were two people on two wholly different life trajectories. We crossed paths at the very time we were supposed to, and we traveled along together for a while. But, there was no way in hell it ever would have gone the distance. That doesn’t mean it was wrong.

I believe people and circumstances come into our lives when we need them. Some stay with us and help us obtain our “Master’s Degree” in life. Others are short term tutors, just there to get us through the next test. Friends, lovers, enemies, even chance acquaintances, are all filling roles in the grand play that is our life. Just as we each fill a role in their journey through space-time. There are no accidents, but the play is being rewritten in real time. You are the author. Every thought, every word, every action resonates through the future and alters reality.

I used to daydream a lot (hell, I still do, who am I kidding?). In these dreams I would construct vast worlds. I’d fall in love, imagine my future life, even name the people I’d meet and how I would like things to turn out. These worlds never came wholly into fruition. But little pieces of them did. Often enough to give me pause. Sometimes the details would be astounding. A name, slightly altered from that of my fantasy world would appear as a central character in my life. I’d take a job and it would turn into exactly what I’d seen myself doing years before. Sometimes, I’d get a little deja vu feeling, only to realize later that while things had maybe not meshed exactly as I’d imagined, they sure as hell did rhyme with it.

Is all that wishful thinking? Or, as I believe, is it the result of my subconscious taking the reins and making the future happen? I don’t really know the answer, and I’m not sure I actually care to know. It’s enough for me to believe I have the power make something so grand happen. It’s time to go imagine something really, really good!

Thank you for reading.

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father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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