Actually requires him to win reelection

Bear with me here.

The only way we’re going to get anywhere, politically, in the next four years is by flipping the Senate. The Democrats are likely to hold the House but the Senate is still a challenge. And everything hinges on overcoming that challenge. If McConnell remains majority leader, democracy continues its slow inexorable march to the gallows. And a Biden presidency won’t change that in any significant way.

But there is an alternative.

If the Democrats can flip the Senate the answer to Donald J. Trump lies in treating the President exactly the same way he treats everyone else. Yes, I’m talking bribery, extortion and threats. All in the context of good politics of course.

See, we already know he’s scared. Terrified actually, that his whole scam is going to be exposed and he, his children and most everyone in his sphere is guilty of multiple indictable offenses. That fear of humiliation and the threat of prison is more than enough to get him to say or do literally anything.

We don’t know quite what Putin has on him but he’s already sold out active duty military members by refusing to even address the alleged bounty situation. He’s protected the Saudi’s from any significant fallout regarding the Jamal Khashoggi murder. Obviously he owes them something. There’s a new scandal almost every day wherein he has withheld financial support because some organization “doesn’t like him”. Hell, he was willing to let a pandemic devastate the country as long as it seemed like it was going to diminish the Democratic voting population to a greater degree than the Republican.

If the Senate is flipped, Donald J. Trump becomes the most progressive President since FDR. As long as he does the bidding of the party in power, he will be allowed to remain in the oval office. And out of prison.

You’ll see Bill Barr step down “for personal reasons”. And likely be indicted himself. The remaining Republicans in the Senate will be falling all over themselves to pass pandemic relief. Medicare for All might even have a chance. And perhaps the greatest achievement of all; the massive army of “Trump” voters suddenly realizing how completely they’ve been conned. Or maybe they’ll continue to believe he’s been playing three dimensional chess all this time and the rest of us are still the suckers. I’m fine with them believing whatever helps them sleep at night if we can move this country forward.

By all means vote for Biden. Even vote straight Democrat if you like. Just remember the one way democracy truly loses is if the Senate remains in Republican hands come November 3rd.

Watch and see what happens in the next two and a half months.

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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