This, all of this! So many people are limited in their thinking. They just can’t see past the status quo (or a little beyond it). You’re describing a possible future that’s way beyond the current state of our world. And yet, I suspect it’s a whole lot closer to the way it will have to turn out.

The current economic system is a construct of humanity. The subsequent structure will also be a construct of humanity. We get to choose. There’s no going back. We can embrace it and make it work for us or we can let a half dozen supremely wealthy families try to hold us all back. In the end, I suspect, we will all look back on this era as an unbelievable waste of human capital. Letting people toil away at soul-sucking jobs while their brilliance and creativity is never explored because they were just too damn tired.

Give people enough to survive and you’ll be amazed by what they choose to do with their time. Everyone should have the opportunity to explore their gifts, not just the wealthy. All of humanity will benefit. And yes, some will just piss it all away. How is that different than thousands killing themselves because of the unbearable futility of a meaningless existence toiling away in a dead-end job?

Here’s one little side effect I suspect most haven’t considered. What happens when the scorecard disappears? If people no longer hold up “wealth” as some goal to reach for and a way to gauge their worth in comparison to others? Might we stop this never-ending quest to “win”? Maybe we’ll learn to treat each other a little better when we no longer have a ready measurement of everyone’s value in our society. Maybe we’ll learn to respect each other for the unique gifts we all have instead of their standing on some arbitrary economic ladder.

Yes, there will be some significant challenges to any form of UBI. But they’re nowhere near as formidable as the fantasy of neverending economic growth. We’re nearing a turning point for humanity. Evolve or perish. The current status quo is a death sentence for our species. And long before we perish, life will get ugly.

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father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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