A Poem

dancing with the demons in my soul
questioning why it is that I’m not yet whole
having driven love away once again
my heart can’t shrink enough to be just a friend

savage words whispered in my ear
chilling me to the core and eliciting such fear
you will never love another comes the primal scream
down the hell-hole plunges my self-esteem

we are the source of these emotions all on our own
tiny seeds of doubt so early are sown
uncomfortable old insecurities
grasp our throats from deep in our histories

a forgetful parent or a thoughtless sibling
a little wound from a barely remembered thing
chasing us down decades later in life
and leaving us battling unfathomable strife

such is the plight of a spirit so tuned
that life itself seems to cause new wounds
shake it off they say, it’s not nearly so tragic
unable to perceive that without pain we feel no magic

half a century of merely surviving
buried emotions doing the driving
losing a soul-mate to open this show
and cast across this life the essence of a rainbow

the meaning itself has all been revealed
the mysteries are no longer sealed
a being once exposed to such brilliance
will have found the true path to resilience

with such newfound insight into reality
there comes a more nuanced vision of the totality
creation stretching in every direction
filled with the lightness of love and the soul’s pure affection

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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