Yeah, no. Not only would I never do such a thing, I would never be associated with the type of man that would.

As for the rest of your piece, thank you. This is probably the very best “what women want” pieces I’ve ever read. So often these turn into narcissistic wish lists that leave me thinking “no wonder every man in her life is an asshole”. Not that that isn’t often the case. You ask for simple respect and to be treated as an equal. Exactly the kind of treatment that should be everyone’s default, regardless of the sex of the other person.

I get that the mating dance is different for everyone. I’ve been the “prey” a couple of times in my life so I know the female version of the guy you describe here. It’s not attractive (to me) on either a man or a woman. I think you’re essentially looking for an evolved man. Yeah, we are out there. The thing is, most of us already know what bad behavior looks like. Or maybe I’m wrong. I grew up with five sisters and no brothers and my late wife wouldn’t have put up with that sort of shit from any man, especially me.

I suspect the men you’re speaking to with this piece might be too tone deaf to understand.

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