Yes. I did it for over twenty years. After my wife died though, the two relationships I entered into weren’t conducive to that.

Now, was that because the women had outsized expectations of romantic love? Or was it me, not quite sure how to love them and retain myself?

I think it was a little of both. Neither woman had ever had a truly successful, long term relationship. I was undoubtedly a product of my marriage. I knew what worked, for me, in a long term relationship. Unfortunately, that didn’t match up with either of my new partner’s expectations.

I want love too. But I’m also realizing that a whole lot of the things I’d like to do with what life I have left aren’t the kinds of things many women are up for (backpacking around Europe, cycling across the USA, circumnavigating North America on a motorcycle, etc).

I guess my best chance lies in just living the life I want and hoping to meet someone doing the same thing. I think that’s a recipe for success in this game.

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