I woke up with a little bit of a hangover

That seems to happen way more often in these days of Covid, economic and civilizational collapse. Whatever, I still remember a very poignant dream.

I was some sort of middle-eastern/Indian spiritual leader. And in this dream I was telling my followers that we were all one. It wasn’t just a new age aphorism. I was explaining in exacting detail how, the life you lead now is a direct path to the life you will lead in the next incarnation. Karma is not only real, but it is the judge, jury and executioner. Nobody gets out unscathed. All the anger, frustration, fear and worry that haunts us in these strange times are manifestations of past lifetimes. And there is always a reckoning.

Today you may be on top of the world. But that just means one of two things. Either you are receiving the largess of a past life of extreme duress or your next life is going to be one of paying your dues. ’Cause nobody gets to quit while they’re ahead. The game continues until you’ve finally realized that the only winning hand is the one in which everyone gets a fair shake. There is no winner and there is no loser. As long as you keep coming back here thinking it’s a competition you can win or lose you will never escape the wheel.

Now, I’ve spent my entire life in some state pretty far removed from the wheel. I’ve always detested competition. I had asthma so I could never compete in certain aerobic activities like basketball or running. But, I was blessed with some potent genes. I’ve always been bigger, faster and stronger than most of the people in my peer group. And I saw that for what it was, a gift from the universe. Not as some kind of achievement I was to be applauded for possessing but as something that gave me an unfair advantage in many kinds of competitive endeavors . Intelligence, “street smarts”, business savvy, these are all the same kinds of gifts. They can be used to make others’ lives better. Or, they can be leveraged to make ones personal situation something enviable to others. How they are used makes all the difference.

The point here is, you can have today, or you can have an escape plan for tomorrow. Use the gifts you have to attain an exalted status in this lifetime or make a bet that there’s something else that’s more important. I’ve kinda always known there was something else. And to be frank, I’ve been done with this wheel for way more than one lifetime. I just haven’t quite figured out why I keep coming back here. I’m beginning to suspect though, that it’s the second part that keeps my soul stuck. You know, the one about making other peoples lives better? Yeah, I think that might be the lesson I haven’t quite learned yet.

Then again, maybe I’m just full of shit. That’s up to you to decide.

father, motorcyclist, old retired guy who’s just a little lost on a blue marble corkscrewing its way to oblivion

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